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18 January 2017 @ 10:11 pm
For various reasons, this journal is now somewhat Friends Only.

I've left a lot of Arashi fandom related posts open to the public, but if you'd still like to be friends, please comment to be added.
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13 May 2015 @ 11:18 am
Because once upon a time Monster made me cry real tears, and the rest of the time it makes me smile, it's time to give this single back some love.

Let's start at the beginning, as you would, with how we open: the members hype everyone up, step aside to make a path for Ohno, Ohno approaches, and then... oh then, Ohno crooks his finger and invites you to join in the magic that is MONSTER.

Into this evening's darkness, a monster luring you in

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24 December 2014 @ 12:38 pm
I was told over and over by my friends that my facial expression was blank, both after the concert and sometimes during. I didn't flail or scream or squeal a lot, I didn't feel like I was riding on a high and just needed to keep going endlessly. If you'd asked me before the concert how I thought I would react, I'd definitely say I would cry a million times and scream my head off and leave wanting to keep singing and dancing until finally bursting into billions of fangirl pieces.

That did not happen.

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That's all from me. Forever fan. So grateful that I got the chance to experience this, even just once. ♥ 5x15!! I sincerely hope for 5x20 because this band of idiots is the best thing going.
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I never used to like summer. Possibly for reasons of low self-esteem ("I'd rather put more clothes on than take more off!" I used to say), but also because I'm a redhead and everyone knows we burn and then we freckle - a process of mostly discomfort.

However, the older I get, the more I love the energy and the ease of the summer months. I feel both motivated in the early mornings to pick myself up and move, but also a sense of calm and comfort in the evening hours when I get home in time to watch the sun go down.

I wasn't prepared for a winter this harsh. I have done nothing but hibernate and lose steam. I am not as healthy as I thought I'd be by now. I am not as together as I hoped I'd become. The calendar I put on my wall to help get back on track crashed to the floor this morning and I just stared at it blankly.

But, well, there's only up from here. I turn 25 in a matter of weeks and I want to feel renewed on that early April day.

Should I go to Universal Studios? I'll be in Orlando.

I've always loved amusement parks. I don't care if I go alone. (Well, I kind of do, but OH WELL)

So, fandom!

I decided to give ChocoJun a try (not knowing how the manga progressed) and now I kinda/sorta wish I hadn't. I don't really have a problem with anyone who finds that kind of plotline engaging (hey, I watched Gossip Girl for years so I have no room to judge anyone), but I can't stand that it started so strong and crashed so hard.

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Though I am sad to not have a DVD yet (at this point I'd rather have LOVE though and that is a reasonable wait since the tour ended not long ago), I'm excited about all the spring dramas! Even though I have 0 interest in baseball, I know Nino loves it, so I'm happy for him. Ohno's drama sounds like it has hilariously awesome potential.

I need to see the Nazodi movie! I need to see Jun's movie! I need more episodes of VS Arashi like the one with Kazama!

I hope that 5x15 will have some celebration maybe in the summer/toward the end of the year. Shiyagare has been fun lately but the ice skating and the christmas special were the best because Arashi on location ANYWHERE seems to be A++.

Hope all of you are doing well. If you need a place to just ramble, please feel free in the comments here, I'm all ears.

Time to get back to all the writing I've promised to do!

(And if you use twitter/tumblr and we aren't following each other there let me know!)

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Stole this from my new friend moniquethehuman. Based on I'm assuming the Shiyagare with Fukada Kyoko. :D

Marriage: Matsumoto Jun. I think he would ANNOY THE HELL OUT OF ME but in that way that only someone you really, really love could do. He's not the type of guy I would typically find myself attracted to at first, but I think he'd bring out some of my better qualities and help balance my life. I'd get a little more socially active, which I need, but he's also capable of staying at home and watching a romantic comedy with me. I think we'd have a lot of great conversations, and I would trust Jun to raise kids - I think he'd really put his heart and soul into that. It would be equal parts adventurous and peaceful, and that sounds wonderful to me. ♥

Lover: Ohno Satoshi. He's the type of guy I would crush on - highly creative, intelligent but maybe not in the book-smart kind of way, and reserved unless you get him hyped up about something. I know I'd want to be around him, want to impress him, would have a fantastic time in bed with him (I mean, c'mon!), but then it would get to a point where I just didn't feel quite myself around him and it wouldn't work out. Sorry, Ohno! We'll always have Paris.

Friend: Sakurai Sho. We share some common traits that I think would be difficult in a relationship, but perfect for a friendship. I'm incredibly chatty, and so is he, so I think we could pass time together really easily just talking for hours. We could also probably travel together, as I think he has a lot of the same interests so far as tourism is concerned. We'd take photographs and eat at great places and be annoying with slideshows. But so far as ~romance~ is concerned, I don't think we'd balance each other enough.

Father: Ninomiya Kazunari. Even though I would love to pick him for lover, friend, or marriage... I just feel like he fits here. He'd be really fun to have as a father, and I think he'll make a great one in the future. He cares about his family, that much is clear to me. One thing I've always liked in a parent is when they treat their kids like little adults, not so much in responsibility, but in how they communicate. I bet Nino would treat kids like a friend, and that's what I have with my parents right now. Maybe he'd write songs for me to dance around to or something. It's a little weird to picture this category at all, but yeah!~ I'll go with this one. :D

Stranger: Aiba Masaki. :( But I think this just means that one day we'll pass on the street and I'll be like "OMG, COME BE BEST FRIENDS WITH ME" and then I'll have both Sho and Aiba as friends and that would be THE BEST COMBINATION for a trio. It'll be Ron-Harry-Hermione kind of thing, without the threat of death (maybe a tiny, tiny threat of death by bad food or sumo tubing).

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08 November 2013 @ 05:17 pm

If you would like a card from me this season, please leave your name and address ♥ Also feel free to tell me which holidays you celebrate. I try to be all encompassing, but still! :D

Friendly reminder - you are under no obligation to send one in return. Comments are screened for privacy's sake!
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06 August 2013 @ 03:06 pm

In the time since I last posted, by which I mean in the journal-ing capacity and not just Arashi's faces (though they are worth a million posts and all of my time ♥) I have:

    Gone to a memorial service at Arlington National Cemetery
    Started walking every morning at noooooo'clock
    Paid for over 1,000 dollars in repairs to my vehicle
    Marathon watched and caught up with Game of Thrones
    Met [personal profile] tangiblewhimsy and taken her to the beach ♥
    Mourned the loss of another family member
    Lost 15 pounds and given up soda
    Taken a step forward in the modern world by replacing a 10 year old modem
    Met with amazing Arashi fans in DC for food and passionate discussions of our manband
    Decided to purchase a new, less cursed vehicle by the end of the year
    Started writing some stuff

Among other things. It's been a fairly productive summer, given how I would normally spend my time curled up in a ball complaining about how the temperature should never be above ~my comfort~ degrees. I have been actively attempting to change myself for the better. I want to be healthier, happier, and exist more in a social sphere.

It used to be that I didn't really use Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or any apps on my iPhone for anything basically at all. I isolated myself to LiveJournal only and spent the rest of my time playing bubbleshooter.

I still like bubbleshooter, don't get me wrong, but it's nice to interact with people too. I like to send stickers on LINE. I like to converse in real time! In fact, please add me on things if you're looking for me! @twitter - @tumblr Introduce me to your friends and I'll introduce you to mine and I promise no biting, just flailing.

I think it would be exhausting to be super positive all the time about everything. I'm too passionate about certain things to not get angry, to not feel frustrated or upset. But I feel different lately! I really do, and I hope the people around me can see it. I'm still learning, growing, figuring out what to improve. I still have goals, still have some small dreams, don't entirely know what the hell I'm all about, but... summer's been unique this year and I'm glad it's not quite over.

How are you? ♥
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Shiyagare from 07/20 was EPIC. I screencapped it. Here we go~

I love these 5 men and all of their facesCollapse )

Ah, this summer has been sheer joy for me as an Arashi fan. They've been really putting their game faces on. Can't wait to see 24hr TV and more shows and movies and dramas, etc. It's not hard to imagine 5 more years as a dedicated storm chaser. :D
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20 May 2013 @ 10:00 am

★ 1. My younger sister came home from college for the summer! This is always a good thing because she's really fun and a fellow Arashi fan and sometimes I just need her around. When I saw her car pull into the driveway I might have gotten a little too excited, however, because after hurriedly slipping into some shoes and heading out to greet her... I fell down the porch steps.

It was honestly like something out of a slapstick comedy. I opened my arms and shouted "SHANAENAEEEEEE" and then BAM, I am sliding down three steps and into the mulch (much of which I displaced). I'm probably lucky I didn't crack my head open. D: SO MUCH AFFECTION, I COULDN'T HOLD MYSELF UP.

★ 2. I watched Popcorn again with my sister and got maybe a little too into it, if there is such a thing. SPOILER ALERT!!! - Honestly, I'd forgotten the bit of growl Nino added to his voice during the performance of 駆け抜けろ! and it made me maybe possibly jump up off the couch, scream, and clap my hands wildly. I might have had the same reaction to a Day in Our Life just because I love that song and the brass sound they added at the beginning for extra fanfare. Also Jun's ass. Jun's ass is wonderful. Many things were wonderful, like Nino not even sitting down or getting noticeably tired was that even really him!?!? So good.

★ 3. When we were attempting to buy my mother some gifts for mother's day, my father told me about this rare jewelery he'd gotten her in Chile and would bring home. He told me that it's something you can't really find many places, and that mostly it was where he was in the Andes and in Afghanistan. So Saturday night he gives her this present and as he is explaining to her about the rare stone he goes, "This! This... is Lapis Lazuli."

I freaked out. I was clapping and jumping up and down (this was just a Saturday night thing, apparently) and shrieking because you can get it in Minecraft. When my dad said you could only find it in two places I said "THREE!" and then my younger sister reminded me that Minecraft isn't real and I DID NOT CARE. LAPIS LAZULI. REAL LAPIS LAZULI. MINECRAFT. YEAH.

In other news, it's hot as balls and our air conditioning is broken. I'm attempting to eat healthier and sometimes it's good, sometimes it makes me want a lot of ice cream. I might possibly change my sleep schedule so I can get up even earlier than the ass crack of dawn and walk/jog/exercise in some fashion before work but I'm afraid of losing time with west coast friends - but then, it's going to happen regardless if I add exercise to my schedule and I might just have to deal with it for the sake of my health.

I have an iPad now but hardly any apps, so if anyone has any suggestions, I am all ears!

There is a Shoneen Club contest going on. I am maybe possibly gearing up to write more fanfiction myself but am afraid to tell everyone that I will probably drop most if not all of my WIPs.

Has everyone seen that episode of Kitchen Nightmares that went viral? I made my whole family sit down and watch it and it was AMAZING.

Nino-san is really great, I am excited about potential subs for it. Aiba Manabu had me giggling the other day. It really is just like watching Aiba and some comedian pals be child-like in wonder and goof around. Enjoyable! Sho's Face Show as I call it is... I'm not sure yet. I keep meaning to watch more of it, but it doesn't pull me in the way the other 2 do. I think maybe Sho and Ariyoshi are too similar in overall mannerisms? Maybe with subs it will improve, if anyone decides to pick it up. :)

BUT SHO'S DRAMA IS THE BEST IT IS SUCH A MIND FUCK OMG LOVING EVERY SECOND. And I include the Arashi tie-in song Endless Game because I find it catchy as hell and I can't wait for a performance!

OKAY LJ/DW. I think I have sufficiently posted to you for the month of May. >.>

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03 April 2013 @ 03:28 pm
The office next to ours is so creeptastic. It has glass doors, but you need a badge to get in. It's the same with the office across the hall, but the fact that it's frosted glass and a double set of doors (the second doors you have to punch in an access code and it's all steel looking) is actually LESS frightening because at least they make it a point that you shouldn't know what's happening in there. The one next to us has a fake reception area. They never change out the magazines, there is never anyone sitting at the front desk, and very rarely do I see employees moving in an out. One of the only times I did involved three of them hanging out with Japanese businessmen by the elevators.

Today my boss received a compliment on brochures that I created. SO PROUD. I'm not sure I could ever write a proper description of my job. I do web design, design for print, online community management, data entry, administrative work, collaboration with our tech partners on a mobile app and a searchable document archive, tech support & writing, event planning, and more.

A week or so ago I was so overwhelmed with projects that I was about ready to curl up in a ball and sob it out for awhile. Then I suddenly realized I was getting more and more tasks because I'm awesomely capable. I AM PRETTY BADASS, YOU GUYS.


+ I had a promotional offer on a website that sells gift baskets and it was about to expire, so I sent chocolates to myself complete with a Happy Birthday card and I'm not even ashamed in fact I'm excited about it.

+ Working on a web project with some other Arashi fans! No idea how it'll turn out but hopefully it will be useful to people.

+ I have many things I'm looking forward to, therefore all is well. ♥
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I've now officially had my LiveJournal for 10 years. It's gone through some name changes, friend changes, fandom changes and more - but it's never moved.

I started this journal with the intent of keeping in touch with friends from middle school, who have long since left the platform. The fact that it became such a "home base" for me in life was unexpected. Discovering that I wasn't alone in my thoughts or feelings on media allowed me to open up and ask questions of people I've never met before about incredibly personal things. What I did not feel confident enough to approach in my environment was easier here, safer. I found that being open with others could be incredibly rewarding.

Since I was 13 years old I've been documenting my hardships, my passions, my perspectives, and more in this space. In an odd way, even more than my physical location -- here is where I grew up.

The mean girls in high school were the LJ users who said I was a friend, then started a roleplaying game without inviting me. My closest confidants were girls from all over the country (and now all over the world), who stayed up late talking to me over instant messengers and in LJ comments. Through various fandoms - I learned the negative consequences of speaking first and thinking later, of diving into friendships without being ready to commit to the effort, of being too stubborn to let another person enjoy things you do not, of feeling victimized instead of addressing your own role in your unhappiness. I've also experienced the joy of shared interest, the bonds of open discussion, freedom of expression, and creative development.

Whenever I have feared that I am worthless, whenever I've wondered if I can make it through another day, whenever I've questioned my view of myself or my ability to make friends - the connections formed through LiveJournal have brought me comfort.

More than any other website, I have felt heard and valued here.

I think that's why I'm having a difficult time knowing how or when to move forward. The fact that I'm even typing this in DreamWidth's interface is a powerful indicator that things are scattering. I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea about my experiences on other social media platforms. I've been talking about Tumblr and Twitter lately and how I'm not satisfied, but it's not because I'm not having fun. The more I use them the more I get out of them, in fact. But it's for all the reasons I listed above that I think it's okay for me to say it's not the same. It could be, someday, but I don't know how to approach it.

I think 2013 will be the year that I contemplate what it is I want, how to best achieve it, and push myself to step into the next decade of my Internet existence.

If anyone has any suggestions or insight, I am all ears. Because I love you, and I love your feedback and friendship, and I trust you. As always. ♥
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I've decided that while I very much enjoy clicking on little hearts next to posts and reliving fun Arashi moments, overall TUMBLR is very solitary for me. It's a place to put things I like, track things I like, etc. but it's not a social experience. I post something and then I get a bunch of notes that don't say anything D: And no one is liking me, they're liking the picture I slapped up for them. So while I will continue using it, and enjoying it because I can Photoshop a lot, it's not a replacement for LJ/DW. I want to talk with friends!

But it's getting dangerously quiet around these parts, isn't it? ♥


Last night I called the police because a creeper has been creeping around my house. We've been robbed before (in the summer) and I really didn't feel comfortable about some strange man just standing in the dark in the rain watching my house.

Sooo yeah. Now I'm afraid that if I go out to pick up Chinese food, when I come back I'll have had things stolen. D:

On a happier note, I was so much in need of this weekend off that I am really taking time for me and what I want. Which means watching Miranda for the first time in a marathon fashion. Finishing up Elementary will be next. (I like Sherlock also. Apparently that's not allowed? It's like when I was 11 and I liked Backstreet Boys and *Nsync. Tough times.)

I'm glad that winter will be over soon because I have a lot of places I'd like to explore. If I'm going to spend my money on anything, it'll be gas for my car so I can travel and take pictures. I don't really care if I'm not the most amazing photographer because it's not the point, you know? I like to have very quiet, relaxing adventures. I wish I could bring people along sometimes! Because I am also a crazy chatterbox.

Black pepper chicken and British comedy. Yes, yes, I think so.

Any other suggestions for shows I should be checking in on? Movies? Old, new, I'm up for suggestions. ♥

PS: The twitter game of Marco Polo with Arashi fans was THE BEST. The absolute best!
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27 January 2013 @ 03:16 pm
Briefly, I just want to say - I don't know. I don't know how often I'll be updating my journal(s). I don't know if I'll ever get my writing mojo back. I don't know what 2013 will mean for me in my personal life or in fandom. I have absolutely no clue whatsoever.

But I do know a few things 100% for certain:

01. I love you! All of you. When the holidays came and I had cards from Poland, Belgium, France, the Philippines, Japan, right here in the USA and more - I can't even begin to tell you the amazement and the joy it brought me. I know such brilliant people around the world.

I would not know most of you if I wasn't an Arashi fan. I wouldn't know most of you if it weren't for LiveJournal. I've spent 10 years on this platform come March, and though I can sense things are changing? I'm not leaving here entirely, because I think there are things that can still be expressed here and I need this space.

02. That being said, I have started using tumblr and twitter actively. Because I'm finding more and more that it's where people - including my LJ friends - are spending time. I don't want to be forgotten. I don't want to be left out. I want to have fun, I want to be silly, and I want to see you all! So, if you're using either of those platforms -- you can find me @nicefinalbeam and sparkleboom.


An Arashi dream I had last night!Collapse )

And a little of what"s up in my day to day routineCollapse )

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07 January 2013 @ 09:41 am
Since I am confined to bed today - blegh stomach virus - I decided to put my time to good use.
I promise I'll have a wordier post sometime soon, as I have much to say about the holidays and the lovely cards I received and so on. For now - what's on the agenda, Oh-chan?

Yes~ For today! 80 meticulously snapped & colored screencaps of Share House. Because I love Himitsu, and I love Arashi faces.

but why is it called Aiba tea?Collapse )
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Some guy approached me in the conference center, saying he liked my bag. This is nothing new or strange, because I've honestly been approached many times before about this bag - it's a keeper. Anyway, he talks to me about how he wants to buy one for his sister in Africa and where did I get it and can I buy it for him, and we have a good laugh about it.

He asks for my card, I hand it over, because hey! This is a networking event and I'm supposed to be peppy and social. But before we can start talking tech I realize that something is very wrong. He keeps asking questions he's already asked, pulling at my bag trying to get it open, and hugs me without permission. He tells me I have to put his number in my phone, so I pretend to when really I'm just pushing random keyboard buttons in my text message. He tells me he'll bring me back things from Africa - bags and jewelery, etc. I have no idea what's coming out of my mouth at this point because really I want to run, but I'm freaked out and embarrassed and don't want to make a scene.

When I finally do manage to leave, he rushes after me asking me to put my cell number on my card and I tell him absolutely not and he finally leaves me alone.

I feel so violated and creeped out and wonder why all of the people around didn't notice something was wrong or do anything - especially when he chased after me. I guess because he called my name, people thought he knew me? Just like I assumed he was here for the conference. Ugh.

I am having a tough time already, very nervous about being at the event alone and in DC alone, etc. This just made things a lot more unpleasant and I really just want to hide away.


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25 November 2012 @ 10:20 am
Friends, you need to know something.

I have apparently been a member of the band One Direction this whole time and never knew. At least that's what my dream from this morning told me.

We were at some concert featuring a variety of performers - a Christmas special, and One Direction was supposed to go out and perform. I was told backstage that -- OH HEY you've always been one of the members where have you been!? Instead of this being some happy moment for me where I run out into the spotlight...

Either I fight back against the dream or am just very rational in the dream, because I immediately start explaining all the reasons why this is a bad idea (none of which involve me being female, actually, so maybe only semi-rational). I don't know any of the songs they sing except for one in a dramatically hum when it comes on the radio way. I have no desire to be in this group. Fans are going to be SO ANGRY and hate it. Etc.

Then they tell me that I can quit the group, but I still have to go out there and sing with them. I suggest, "No, let me be an MC or something! I'll just introduce and interview them." They wouldn't let me. YOU MUST SING WITH THEM. IT MUST BE DONE.

So I escaped with my boyfriend Cory Matthews from Boy Meets World. Obviously it was the only choice left.

So! I am working on holiday cards! If you want one and haven't given me your address, please do so by clicking the link below UNLESS you are on DW, in which case go here.

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18 November 2012 @ 11:15 am

If you would like a card from me, please leave me your name and your address (and what winter holidays you celebrate) and I will send one along!

I'm in a place where I'm a little more financially able to do things like, erm, buy stamps. SO THIS IS A VERY GOOD YEAR and I want to repay all the people who have sent me lovely cards in the past. I have kept them all in a safe place and I still look at them from time to time. ♥

Please note, asking to be sent a card does not mean you have to send one in return. If you'd like to send one, however, and need my address - let me know. :)

Comments are screened. ♥
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I accidentally deleted my dreamwidth layout, then I accidentally imported all my livejournal entries to dreamwidth twice making duplicates of everything and a mess of my journal, and then I typed all that as the beginning of this entry as a way to blame my lack of updates on something slightly inconvenient rather than the fact that I've been simultaneously busy and lazy. DAMN YOU, RANDOM ACTS OF DREAMWIDTH (Ilu, really).

I hope there are people out there still reading my entries and waiting to hear from me again. I hope there are people out there still writing so I can reconnect with you! I'm going to go through my LJ and DW flists this weekend and do some major catch-up. The friends I've made over the past 10 years (WOWOWOW) are truly important to me, even if it seems like I've been a very shitty online friend for 2012. ♥

Here is a list of random things that have happened in the month since my last status update.

HAPPENINGS of nicefinalbeam's life

-- Uncle passed away unexpectedly just before Superstorm Sandy, which made a mess of trying to get to a funeral because he lived in New Jersey. I want to get that part out of the way first so that we can move on to happier things because that stress and sadness is over now. ♥

-- I am apparently terrified of all insects, as when a perfectly innocent ladybug appeared out of NOWHERE in my bedroom and landed on my thumb, I screamed as if in serious danger. At least when it disappeared and reappeared on MY FACE at three o'clock in the morning, I did the decent thing and carefully escorted it outside. Maybe it was trying to tell me something.

-- ZE ELECTION. I was happy about it, nothing else to say on that aspect of things. What I really want to say is that Santa Claus was one of WV's candidates until October 31st, when he withdrew - which I assume is because shit gets real around this time for him. EVEN HALLMARK HAD HALF ITS STORE DONE UP FOR CHRISTMAS BEFORE HALLOWEEN. What the actual hell, I like ghosts! I'm going to make Halloween Cards a ~thing~

-- Been very, very busy at work! Things are going really great on that front I think. More and more I'm able to take initiative and do things that make me feel satisfied and not just like the implementer of everyone else's ideas. Social Media and Technology Specialist has such a nice ring to it, right? :D Commute is long, but the area is beautiful, so I can't complain.

-- TEXT MESSAGES I SENT ON NOV.14th (and all of them to tangiblewhimsy)

  • I love sweaters on pets but I am a girl in that way and many ways including my literal gender
  • Yesterday I bought ice cream and it was past its expiration date and freezer burned. I must make up for this today even though it is cold outside
  • Who sells ice cream like that I should seriously get my money back but whatever lol
  • If not for the melting I might even put a sweater on my ice cream
  • I wouldn't even be the cliche single girl trying to replace a boyfriend with it I just think it would be really nice for me
  • Sky is pretty world is pretty Nino spot is pretty over and out
  • I am doing pelvic thrusts to Face Down while other cars look at me like I'm crazy this is all traffic is good for
  • Sorry for the delay in responding a new road opened down the mountain and I was driving and screaming like I was on a roller coaster

-- I included that last bit because that's a typical day in the life. Except then I go home and watch too much television, including but not limited to 2 new additions of a random BBC period drama "The Paradise" (though it just ended in a very strange fashion) and "Happy Endings".

-- PRE-ORDERED ARAFES after many complications and near-tears moments. Honestly, I was worried it wasn't going to happen after CDJapan told me I couldn't use PayPal because I already existed in their system, then they wouldn't take my password, then I had to trick CDJapan by changing my PayPal email so they wouldn't recognize me anymore. PRE-ORDER BY STEALTH. But it was very much worth the 20 million page refreshes, and I apologize to anyone following me on twitter who had to witness my slow emotional destruction/rebuild.

-- I think I might literally pee my pants when the Lucky Seven special airs because can we talk about the brilliance of a Kimi wa Petto near reunion with Eita, Jun, and Satomi and also how fabulous Jun looks with his hair and his leather jacket and also MOAR BROMANCE PLZ and um... LUCKY SEVEN!!11!!1

That's all for now because I'm pretty sure that just took my entire lunch hour. OOPS. ♥

PS: A HOLIDAY CARD POST IS COMING. I want to send them! Be on the lookout for that, and also please link me to yours. :D
god damn these electric sex pants
After a long and stressful week, I pulled onto the busy highway as usual this morning, trying to get up to speed, when I noticed that my accelerator wasn't doing anything. Not only was my accelerator not doing anything, my speedometer was showing a very rapid decline in mph.

"Oh shit," I thought calmly, pressing my hazard lights and taking a moment to think. "Well, get off the road."

Only problem is, it is very difficult to get off the road when you have cars going 70mph in lanes on either side of you and your brakes aren't working either. AND OH HEY, guess what! It is also really difficult to get off the road when you turn your steering wheel twice and then it won't move again.

Thankfully, I had maneuvered just perfectly enough and just quickly enough that two steering wheel turns and one pump of the brakes was all I needed. I coasted beautifully into a grassy median on the left, not a ditch, and I had a U-Turn spot behind me. The guard rail didn't begin until a few feet from where my car came to rest, so I also did not crash into that. It was probably the safest spot that I could have been at rush hour.


Seriously, there was a lot that made me unhappy about the situation. Paying $600 dollars for a new fuel pump is kind of shitty. Berating myself for not making it into work, not entirely fun. Crying in front of a Safeway because you're filled with anxiety and slightly in shock from earlier? All unpleasant scenarios.


I WAS NOT HURT. Not a single scratch on me.
I did not bother traffic. I didn't cause an incident to be reported on the radio. No one was held up. Not even the police officer who drove me to a shopping center, because he was on his way to his shift anyway.
I have the money. I have a job. I saved. I can pay for this myself without adding financial burden on my parents' shoulders. I've always wanted to be able to handle my own shit.

Not even kidding you, I was driving home yesterday when a black cat crossed my path. I had to stop and wait for it to cross the street. And when it did, I thought, "I wonder if that's actually bad luck. What if it's trying to communicate something else?"

I think, just maybe, there was a reason I didn't make it into work today. There's a reason why my car suddenly said "Don't go any farther." Maybe this bad luck spared me from worse luck, because as far as this bad scenario went? It was about as lucky as bad luck gets.

Flying to Dallas Sunday morning~ Going to be there all week for work. It's going to be insanely busy and I will probably stress myself out, but! I will eat well, go to my first NFL game, have a bathtub in my hotel room I can soak in like a person who can afford such a luxury, and hey! I'm traveling. That's kind of cool. :)

Love you guys. *SQUISHES*
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I want to let you know something.

This journal is a safe place to:

Speculate that any Arashi pairing is real based on silly evidence
Get excited about any Arashi show, currently airing or previously aired
Enjoy any hairstyle sported by any member
Talk about Ohno's tan, Sho's intelligence, Aiba's laugh, Jun's smile, Nino's adorable hands

And the list could go on. I'm not going to judge you, tell you that you are wrong, or try and talk you out of your opinion.

Also let me know if you'd like to:

Watch a show online together while eating gelato
Write random drabbles for fun
Deposit line-art here that I could color (I love to coloooooor)
Suggest a theme for a picspam
Fangirl about Arashi + children, music, dramas, PVs, etc.

I'm totally here for that kind of thing. :D

[personal profile] nicefinalbeam

PS: I will try and update more. I bought cute clothes for Philly today and I'm super excited about my first business trip. \o/ More about things of that nature soon~
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28 August 2012 @ 09:15 pm
Soooo to make a long story short, we've been robbed twice this month. Once from a car, once actually in the house. I am thoroughly creeped out, we're doing everything we can to keep safe, and in spite of all the horrible stuff happening around me on top of the criminal activity, I am doing my best to just push forward and be strong. Because honestly, I can't afford not to do that!

In an effort to keep chipper, I shall post this--


missing My Girl which is a damn shame :( But done in a rush, so...Collapse )

The End. ♥


PPS: Please add pictures in the comments if you see this and can because I could use more beautiful Arashi faces, the other four too. Okay? Okay. THANK YOU.

PPPS: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO [personal profile] waxrose and [personal profile] aeslis!
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I had just completed a shopping trip with my mother, buying some very non-fancy new items, when out of the corner of my eye I see a bunch of people gathering and starting to cheer. I decide that, hey! I want to see why everyone is bouncing up and down and shouting and so on, as there is probably a celebrity in the mall.

When I get a closer look, I realize that they are in the middle of filming an episode of Drake & Josh, and so I smile and wave because I know that show! How exciting! But then I realize I'm several stories up next to a glass rail and I panic - big time. I drop all of my purchases and crawl away, too freaked out to look back until I'm a safe distance.

Well, shit. Now what am I going to do? I need that stuff, and now some of my white shirts are getting mixed in with some of the other randomly dropped articles of clothing! What do I do?

Of course I should approach that other celebrity I recognize who happens to be standing against a pillar nearby, why not? I stand up, head over there, and say, "Hey, uh--"


And I say, "That is nice, Kevin Jonas, but I don't care. I just wanted to ask you if you could get my shirts."

He says he will, and I'm super thankful!! But I never find out if he's successful. Because all I can think about is how I've suddenly noticed that my voice wasn't mine, but was Michelle Pfeiffer's instead.

My mom's response to this dream: Michelle Pfeiffer... is old. Good luck with the analysis!
My response to this dream: ... Kevin Jonas?
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19 July 2012 @ 04:45 pm
Last night I couldn't sleep for a variety of reasons, but instead of getting too crabby about it, I rediscovered some Arashi things to make me smile. SHARING THEM NOW WITH YOU.


I've shared this before, I'm sharing it again. There are many things I love about the live performance of Sirius during AAA '08, but my favorite thing is Jun's solo - this bit here. It's so, so pretty and it's proof, at least to me, that these guys can sing. Lip synching is inevitable with what they do, even sometimes that helpful backing track, but it's not EVERYSINGLETIME. Pfffbt.

Off track side note? I've always loved Sho's singing voice. I kind of adore that it sounds like his speaking voice, but then suddenly music happens!

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17 July 2012 @ 08:47 pm
I don't think I have the words to express how hard I laughed when I saw this work of brilliance.

I came over to see you, but unexpectedly,
[Under construction]

Sho's poem regarding his singapore trip, which he then follows up by saying he's glad he had the timing to be there when it was under construction, because HOW RARE. And then he signs this gem with--

Positive Club. Department Head
Sakurai Sho

I want to be in that club more than anything, oh my god.


this is witty cut-text...Collapse )

To end this entry, I have decided that each time I post a fandom livejournal entry (or not, WHY HAVE RULES) I will end the post with a reminder of something Arashi related that made me happy. SO!

HAPPINESS 01: I was driving home from vacation and found out that an Arashi PV had been released and I had to wait 10 hours of driving to see it and then I got home and it was Mada Minu Sekai e epicness! And then training camp also existed and I spent the night in front of my sister's laptop and the two of us had smiles for weeks. :D
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01 July 2012 @ 10:46 pm
Hello everyone! I still exist!

I've actually been an awful lurker and reading my friends list without commenting much, which I apologize for now because I should have been less lazy. ♥

Life has been so boring that I have no desire to update about it, which is likely why my journal has been quiet -- and why it always does seem to go quiet during the summer months. I'm searching for a job, have not had much luck in even finding things I can apply for properly let alone be hired for - so I've been a little depressed, but part of that is just my own brand of crazy anxiety, which I am working bit by bit to fix each day. :)

I was without power in 100 degree heat because a storm burst through unexpectedly and said "SUFFER THROUGH THIS DAY" at my entire county (actually, sounds like much of the East Coast suffered this problem). But we got out and about in the car with the air conditioning and only really struggled to get comfortable when it came time to sleep. So happy I have my internet again though!

Kagi finale was pure brilliance. Arashi shows are keeping me as entertained as ever, especially that last Himitsu because how could it not? Actually, both the female comedian fangirl extravaganza and the "let's say tomato!" episodes were smile inducing.

Anyone bored out there? Let me know. I might be up for some picspams or icon battles or layout making or fic drabbling or something!
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01 June 2012 @ 08:32 pm
WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING ALL OF MAY? Seriously, I have no entries. I kept saying I'd post something to let people know I was alive, then forgetting to do that because I'd watch Around the World in 80 Plates and then listen to a podcast, and on and on. I can assure you that most of my days have been spent searching (unsuccessfully thus far) for jobs to apply to and watching my younger sister play Minecraft, which is probably why I didn't bother to update about my life. Not much to report. :D

Currently I am watching the sun set on the horizon from my bedroom window while dangerous storms loom overhead. Summer! ♥

So! There are a few fandom things I wanted to talk about quick.

cut for rambling and opinions and introspection~Collapse )

Without further ado, the dance routine Yama have been choreographing for some time now--
password: verydanger

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05 May 2012 @ 10:02 pm
this is what I did today

EDIT: bonus pic of my friend and I graduating high school and then college together (had no idea he would be there!)

and this is what I loved today--

[super hot nino at music station]

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19 April 2012 @ 10:30 pm
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I was going to do an entire picspam of Tore! because Aiba was the most beautiful man in existence during his appearance, but even though I had a bunch of screencaps... after putting the very first one into photoshop, this was enough for me. I COULD STARE AT THIS ALL DAY. I am finally starting to understand what is so swoon worthy about 'C'mere'.

SO HI THERE. I HAVEN'T UPDATED SINCE FOREVER. Not for a lack of want, mind you. In fact, I continuously kept putting off updating because I kept thinking I was going to involve some sort of graphics when I did. "Oh, I better wait because I have some pictures of mannequin5/tore/vsa/arashi's faces" and then TIME PASSED, as it does. But all of you have been so kind to meeee, hi hi hi. I love you.


➜ I have a Macbook Pro now! :O I had my trusty Macbook (Fitzwilliam Dancy) for five years, and I loved it muchly. But it was time to move on (because it was literally falling apart), and my parents were kind enough to purchase this for me as a combined birthday and graduation gift. When I got onto my old mac to move some files, I sang "AND IIIII WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOUUUUUU~" And it's true, because we have ♥ memories ♥ and also because I don't have microsoft word on this computer and school isn't over just yet. :|

➜ Mikeneko! No spoilers, as honestly I didn't understand what was happening at all and I need subs to be sure of anything, but JUST BY FACIAL EXPRESSIONS... I like it! Because in spite of being totally confused I had ~feelings~ and that's always a good sign. BUT SPEAKING OF THIS DRAMA BRINGS ME TO ANOTHER THING...

➜ Ohkura Tadayoshi! I need someone more knowledgeable to tell me if he is worth pining for, because I have this very strong attraction to him every time he just... exists? When he was promoting Ooku he kind of just sat there and I was like "OH HOT." And then he was promoting Mikeneko and I was like "OH HI THERE, AGAIN." And I watched episode one and I don't know if I'm supposed to like or dislike his character because he's just... ALL OVER THE PLACE but also VERY ATTRACTIVE. help meeeee


➜ Television -- I have been enjoying Mad Men this season, Criminal Minds is still mostly good but losing my attention because not enough of Rossi being the best at everything for no reason like he wrote the book on (honooko ;D), and blah blah... EVERYONE NEEDS TO WATCH NEW GIRL BECAUSE IT'S SO GOOD BUT NO ONE EVER TALKS ABOUT IT. Seriously, I can't stop laughing every time I watch it and I didn't think I would like it, but it's amazing because... well, every reason.

➜ Fandom -- shoneenclub is running a contest, check it out! But also join exchanges if you want to... and er... do the giant list of arashi on television if you wanna... and also I might possibly drop all of my current WIPs to move on and enjoy writing fanfic again, so I'll keep you posted. ♥

and one more picture of Aiba on Tore being a gentleman just because~Collapse )
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01 April 2012 @ 04:07 pm


One day I said to a friend--

"Maybe Arashi has just done too much now. WHAT ELSE CAN THEY THROW AT THEM!?"

I immediately began a list of all the things Arashi has done on television to entertain us all. That was months ago, and to my surprise? The list just keeps on growing. The current list as it stands is hardly complete!

Thank you, Arashi (and staff!), for your never-ending commitment to our viewing pleasure.

Without further ado!